Pink Fire Pointer Sport Roadster Renault Wind 2011

Sport Roadster Renault Wind 2011

2010 Geneva Motor Show saw the world celebrate the first Renault Renault Wind, the two-seater coupe-cabriolet 3.83 meters long, which shows a very innovative way of opening. With a roof that opens the novel rotates very quickly, Renault Wind is a powerful call for freedom – bring a real fresh take wind-in-the-hair car.
Renault Wind for drivers who covet a car that is not only different, compact, convertible but still functional enough for everyday use.

Although Renault Wind compact dimensions make it a nimble machine in and around the city, it is the only car in the same class to offer more luggage space (VDA 270dm3) roof up or down.
As an innovative, compact (3.83m) and the coupe-cabriolet practice has been specially made for user friendly service, 365 days a year, Renault took the wind fresh thinking and original landscape in the convertible.
Low-set driving position and steering straight positive prompts you to run the engine and drive. Silhouette Safely planted in 17-inch wheels and hip tall, muscular and Wind Renault Sport is a powerful invitation to devour the winding road with the wind in your hair.
Special lamps front and rear lights boomerang shape gives a unique light signature.
Inside, everything in the cockpit is focused on driving jobs. Instruments hidden in tunnels and spin metal with a touch of chrome, and slipped into the tub pilot, complete with a headrest and side reinforcement material.
Vibration DRIVING A SPORT Roadster
Renault Wind has the advantage of the platform that was designed by Renault Sport Technologies to provide exceptional precision and passionate responses to steering the driver.
Renault Wind is available with a choice of two engines:
* The 1.6 16V, which was developed by Renault Sport Technologies. This engine produces 133hp (98kW) at 6750 rpm and 160 Nm of torque at 4400 rpm. Its sign, no fire is the result of specific techniques of applied acoustics tuning by specialized machinery for the drainage system. Particular attention is focused on the four-in-one exhaust manifold to achieve the optimal tradeoff between the quality of the acoustic emission control and performance.
TEC * 100: This smooth and responsive 100 hp turbocharged engine of 1.2 liters is very flexible and cost (152Nm of torque at 3500 rpm). With this engine, Renault Wind is provided in the elements of city traffic due to road length long,
With a bearing race integral roof panels rigid and tall, Renault Wind insured and secure with the level of protection among the best in the segment conversion.
Renault Wind has been generous with tire size (195/45 R16 or 205/40 R17) wheels suitable for aluminum alloy house disc diameter 280mm front and 240mm discs at the rear of the powerful to fade-free performance braking.
Roadster Coupe FROM 12 SECONDS TO THE
Renault Wind needs only 12 seconds to open or close the roof without any difficulty. It is two times faster than the standard for the class. The secret is inventive, but simple kinematics that uses very little movement. With a clever stow the roof panels in the lid, clean the exterior design may be maintained and the amount of space useful start has not changed, if the roof up or down. Boot cover the roof to protect from dust and water when in the open position.
Trunk size Clio
Thanks to a generous and easily accessible to 270 dm3 VDA boot space remains the same whether the top is up or down, Renault Wind lets you go on holiday with all your baggage, sure you can open the roof at will.
Open no more effort than necessary to boot the classic sedan or hatchback, a buffer gas to provide the necessary assistance.
Choose a range of options for Renault absolutely unique VENT YOUR
Customers can increase their Renault external wind with different style options, including diffuser rear exit dual exhaust, front fog lamp plate, mirrors chrome housing and chrome to get a bump in the back.
Renault Wind indoor air can be customized, too, thanks to a variety of design tools is different and attractive housing, plus a replacement gear lever knob or pedal set.
The bodies of five different colors: blue Majorelle, Black Pearl, Glacier White, Gray and Altica Dyna Red.

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