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Google Maps, Driving So Fun

Road - the road to a new place we visit is fun, but if a stray it will be very boring. This time I, encoba from hp android google maps to find points of interest.

Google maps is a standard application in every hp android. Compared with the blackberry, android google maps can be opened more quickly and easily. To Maximum Traffic google maps, you must first activate his gps facility. If we do not know the position where we are staying pake facilities "My Locations".

Before starting the journey, which is done first is to find the target in place that will be addressed. Targets that can be a street name, building or area name / housing. If you want to accurately use the coordinates of our destination.

With a quick google maps directly show the fastest path to the destination indicated by the blue line on the map. At each intersection point google maps will give clues to which direction to turn. I intentionally focus following the directions on the map regardless of direction/ road signs or ask someone.

The results are remarkable, carrying all the way never stray or until the person should ask. Accuracy is shown goole maps were great. Accuracy can be obtained because of facilities on the hp GPS function properly. Experience using another phone sometimes inaccurate google maps showing our location because the benchmark used is not a satellite telephone bts GPS.

Only one of the weaknesses of this facility, to follow the map we must often manually shift the phone screen, not like real GPS screen is always shifted in the direction we are heading. For the safety of navigation affairs is better left to the co driver / passenger for cars and motorcycles.

Happy adventuring with google maps

Ferrari FF Reviews, Sports Car With A New Concept

Ferrari FF Reviews
Prancing Horse logo is emblazoned on the car body is clad in bright red color of this. Sculptured body still follow the standard Ferrari cars that are designed for high speed. So what's the difference? At the very least, the shape of the stern of the cut already made ​​this car so it looks 'different'. That's not the worst because it looks like this time Ferrari wanted to offer something different than usual.

As usual, the front is dominated by an elongated hood. If you look at the front of the Ferrari FF, it is clear what comes to mind is a sports car with the engine mounted on the front. What makes it unique is the back. If you notice, the design of the back is more like a hatchback or station wagon. In fact, that was offered Ferrari concept this time.

Ferrari FF

FF behind Ferrari's name is an acronym for Ferrari Four. Why is the number four? Because even though this car has two doors, but he can fit four passengers. In addition, the Ferrari FF is also brought the concept of four-wheel drive, which means power supplied to the four*wheels on this car. So do not blame it if the number four so the name of this car?

From the data specifications circulated seen if the Ferrari FF is still no different from other Ferrari products. Spur kitchen filled with the V-12 engine combustion chamber with a capacity of 6.3 liters that can catapult power of 651 horsepower at 8000rpm engine speed. Torque is claimed at 504 lb-ft at 6000rpm engine speed. Total weight of the car is around 1789kg and no*wonder if he can reach speeds of 100km / h within 3.7 seconds.

ZMP RoboCar MeV, Cars Can Drive Alone

At first glance this car is not too promising. The shape is too 'weird' to be called as a means of everyday transportation. In addition, the concept without door diusungnya rider seemed to be making trouble when it rains. But beyond that, the car is called ZMP RoboCar MeV has its own privileges. As stated in its name, this car could run itself, like a robot.

Do not think that artificial MeV RoboCar ZMP is only a concept car only. Robot car is actually sold and the price could make the tongue amazed. If you are interested, the lowest version of this car was launched with a price tag of U.S. $ 35 thousand. As might be expected, not many features of a given version of this standard. You will only get the car robot that uses an automatic speed control.

If you want to get a version that has a wheel, you have to pay about U.S. $ 59 thousand while the version that has a brake pegged at U.S. $ 84 thousand. It is said that Japanese cars are indeed able to walk alone because it has a sensor on the back and front plus a GPS. This car also does not require fuel oil because ZMP RoboCar MeV is an electric car.

Everus S1, Cheap Honda Cars for China

Honda Motor, the famous manufacturer from Japan, Honda Motor, is rumored to be launching low-cost sedan for Chinese market this month. Low-cost sedan in China called Li Nian Everus S1 S1 alias.
Furthermore Everus S1 will be priced at a fairly cheap for a car that Honda class under 80 thousand yuan. If dirupiahkan about 108 million alone. If in Indonesia selling well priced much for going to this car.

Everus S1 is made not by desail random origin. The shape is very elegant with a strong body lines ala Honda. You could say that taking Everus S1 Honda City is the base design is a combination between Honda Civic and Honda Acura. To give an impression of luxury four-door sedan that has been equipped with lights Light Emitting Diode (LED).

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Triton 2011, The More Powerful

Mitsubishi Japan again this year to upgrade its flagship all-terrain vehicles double cabin Triton and Pajero Sport through the country of Thailand. Triton and Pajero Sport obtain service on a machine with a new Turbo VG.

Actually the engine is still the same as the previous 2.5-liter 4D56 type with DI-D Hyper Common Rail diesel units, but with a variable geometry turbo will get power and greater torque. In Thailand, this new engine has been pinned on all types of type Pajero Sport and Triton Double Cab Plus GLS AT and Double Cab 4WD GLS-Limited either maual or automatic transmission.

The new engine capable of producing power VG Turbo's 178 PS with torque of 350 Nm at rpm 1.800 to 3.500 rpm. Means there is a significant power increase from the previous engine (for Thailand market) which only has power PS/321 140 Nm.

To note market Misubishi Triton and Pajero Sport with a different specification for each country. In Indonesia and Malaysia, Triton and Pajero Sport 4D56 still using the old type of engine with a power 136 PS / 314 Nm.

Cars That Go Tunnel, Compulsory Turning the Lights

This article is actually much discussed by the people. I discuss anymore because there are additional useful info I got from a magazine (forget what the name of the magazine) when reading in a bookstore.

If we pass a long tunnel, we would find a post which requires a four-wheeled vehicles must turn on the lights when entering the tunnel. In the magazine explained that turning on the lights in the tunnel is useful to avoid the occurrence of accidents, supposing the lights in the tunnel was extinguished (lamp off). Ok, do not forget to turn on the lights

Brief of Car Battery

Car Battery is very important for the car, without it the car will not be able to start, for that we will discuss details of the origins of Car Battery.

Car Battery was discovered by French physicist named Gaston Plante in 1859. Currently there are 3 types of battery that is wet battery, the hybrid battery & dry battery. Wet batteries are widely used by cars & motorcycles. One characteristic of this type of battery is the battery acid lubang2 depots. The advantages of a wet battery that is affordable. While weakness is a high evaporation rate. Therefore, a vehicle that uses a wet battery types must routinely check the battery water levels. Use distilled water to add fluid to the battery. Condition of surface water below the lower and one poured battery fluid when adding liquids (such as battery zuur, tap water) to make the battery easily damaged.

Then the hybrid battery. Battery type is similar to wet batteries only material sel2nya better than wet batteries because it uses anti-evaporation layer. In a sense the hybrid battery is easier to maintain compared to conventional wet batteries.

And last is the battery dry. The term dry up because of this type does not have a battery charging battery acid holes. Since there are no holes, so many people say this batteries, dry batteries not use water. It is not appropriate because this type of battery is still wet it's just that the media had not used the water again but using gel2 battery in it. Well battery type is more appropriately called battery maintenance free (MF). One of the advantages of the MF battery is very low evaporation rate so that the relative arguably does not require treatment. Besides MF battery can be put to sleep standing ato. With a variety of MF batteries strengths most expensive priced compared to the wet battery & battery hybrid.

MF batteries for motorcycles

MF batteries for car, there's no water filling hole battery, the existing peephole to determine the condition of battery. The blue color battery is still good omen. If the color red means the battery is damaged.

Among the three durable Where? many factors that influence whether or not a durable battery. Start of treatment until the condition of the electrical vehicle itself. Pake expensive battery does not guarantee the battery is definitely more durable than other types if alternatornya damaged / awesome that happened overcharge. Besides the excessive burden the use of electrical accessories also will shorten battery life.

The development of Mercedes Benz (1886-2010)

Mercedes-Benz, who is not familiar with this worldwide brand of car? Car brand is known for its luxury class with a level of comfort and security that deserves thumbs up.

Mercedes-Benz is an automobile brand from the DaimlerChrysler company (formerly known as Daimler-Benz), commonly known by the name of Mercedes. Company car maker Mercedes-Benz is the world's oldest car company. Their car was famous pick the high quality.

The company was founded in 1881 by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. Headquarters located in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. The types of products are: Car sedans, trucks, buses, internal combustion engines. (Source: Wikipedia).

Below are pictures of the development of Mercedes-Benz sedan from the years 1886 to 2010.