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The Car Body

Car Body

So many owners of Toyota and Jeep know, AW4/el Toyota 340, A340, and A341E series of transmissions are generally very well made and demonstrate excellent durability in unmodified applications. The frame is present for transmitting extremely strong need be used in a high performance use or end of duty.The problem is that the original calibration is engineered for driver comfort rather than ultimate component is used as strength. The soft, sliding shifts that are part of the original design are not appropriate for use, the trailer increasing horsepower, use the road, racing, etc.These calibration inadequacies quickly manifest themselves as extremely poor quality of the change, and often, severe damage to the gearbox is soon to we have  follow. One of the most common symptoms of this is the engine stuttering or hitting the revolution limiter during a full throttle upshift.Without getting in  into too much technical detail, the factory defaults can be treated with the modification and recalibration of the control valve assembly, AKA the valve body.The valve body is as called as or we can say as component that is comprised of valves, solenoids, an orifice separator plate and an intricate series of steps which is the most complex part of the more complex of the automatic transmission vehicle.

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The function of the valve body is to act as the "brain" of the automatic transmission that directs hydraulic pressure to the appropriate clutches and bands at the right time to initiate upshifts, down changes, backward selection, using clutch converter, etc.. as well as the timing of the change control and quality of change, is also responsible for directing hydraulic pressure to the cooler and the lubrication circuit.As we you can imagine or you can say, the transmission's operational characteristics can be drastically altered and also customized to the given application with modifications to this component.Because there is no commercially available kits of change for these transmissions, we began working on valve body modifications that were appropriate for Supras, Jeeps with the AW4 transmission, Toyota Tundra, the Tacoma and 4Runner, and also Lexus SUV and rear passenger car drive handle especially those requiring additional energy accompanying the installation of a supercharger, a turbocharger or a nitrous oxide injection.

At the risk of oversimplification, there are some things that are done in concert to create a much more favorable operation of the gearbox.The first thing that needs to be done is to increase the operating pressure of the hydraulic pressure transmission is called "line pressure". The  hydraulic functions of / or the transmission are based on this pressure which is especially of concern for these purposes is the clamping force applied to the clutches and bands to get them hold against engine torque.In simple words we can say that, increased engine output is complemented by increased line pressure and the "rising clamp" on the clutches that can be compared to a performance clutch spring plate with a lot more pressure on a manual transmission vehicle.The idea is to raise this pressure only slightly at light throttle but increase it by 30-40% at full throttle where it is really needed. The effects of this are changes that have not completed uncomfortable in lower openings of the throttle, while a heavier throttle, the signature changes to a much shorter time using the clutch and increasing the strength strengthening Clamp can be achieved.An additional advantage of this is increased through the cooler and transmission lubrication system.

Secondly, the hydraulic pressure is normally routed through a hole in a metal "separator plate" which resides between the two halves of the valve body before it gets to its intended destination. Altering these holes can increase the volume of hydraulic oil which is used to apply the various clutches and bands.The final part of modification is the alteration of the accumulator machine or we can say circuits. These are hydraulic circuits that are parallel to the components that are used to shift. Its function is to absorb or "accumulate" some of the hydraulic pressure that is intended to implement a package or a bandage clutch. By limiting the action of what is essentially a "shock absorber" for each shift, we can further reduce the time we lock up clutch and we shift the delay in throttle.The end result is that the time of the change is reduced by 30 to 80% depending on the amount of shift feel and acceptable to the intended use. The clamping force required to apply the clutches and bands is increased to 30 to 40% full throttle. Cross the cooler and lube circuit increases and the time of use converter clutch is also reduced.

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Improvements transmission body and valve are not only for American made vehicles more. The increased performance and more efficient shifting is now available for vehicles of almost every manufacturer thanks to the few companies that are willing to do the work of research and development required for this rapidly growing segment of the sold off or after all.
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car engine


Many people at some point will have had the opportunity to see the outside of gasoline engine (also called "internal combustion engine" or "internal combustion"), but it is likely that many of these people also unaware of its internal .

When we decided to get a license to drive a car or any other motor vehicle, in some countries require a test or exam answer where, precisely, are some questions related to the working principle of thermal engines of internal combustion either gasoline or diesel.

Petrol engine car or modern automobile.

However, as a mere curiosity, maybe you'll have interested in knowing how a gasoline engine and what parts and pieces that make it up, but between your shorter-term projects is not precisely obtain a license conduction.

A gasoline engine is a thermodynamic machine comprises a set of mechanisms or parts fixed and movable, whose main function is to transform the chemical energy produced by combustion provides a mixture of air and fuel into mechanical energy or motion. When this transformation occurs chemical into mechanical energy can do useful work, for example, move a motor vehicle as a car or a car, or any other mechanism, as it might be an electrical generator.

Similarly, with the mechanical energy that provides a heat engine can move any other appropriate mechanism that engages the same such as an electrical generator, water pump, the blade of a lawnmower, etc.

Small gasoline engine mated to a lawn mower.

In general the internal combustion engines can be of two types, according to the fuel used to run:

    Explosion or gasoline

    Internal combustion diesel

While combustion engines using gasoline (or gas, or even alcohol) as fuel, the diesel internal combustion uses only diesel (diesel).

If you ever compare parts or mechanisms that shape structurally a gasoline engine and a diesel engine, we will see that in many respects are similar, while others are completely different, although in both cases the principle is similar.

Both petrol engines as diesels can be used to perform the same functions, but when it needs to develop great powers, as required to move a locomotive, a ship or an electrical generator generation large capacity are used only diesel internal combustion engines.


air suspension

Air suspension with adjustable stiffness and ride height

Air suspension with adjustable stiffness and ride height is set to off-road vehicles or vehicles business class and is used to create additional comfort when driving.

Air suspension will reduce the ride height depending on the speed, and the center of gravity down and significantly increased exchange rate stability. The driver can choose from several levels of clearance.

The pressure in the strut is created by a separate compressor. All elements are combined with plastic ducts and the air flow is regulated by solenoid valves. The data from four sensors located on the axes, and three acceleration sensors mounted on the body, the control unit receives an adaptive air suspension. Thus, the computer in a few milliseconds gives the command to reconfigure each shock absorber, suspension depends on road.

Damping force is adjusted automatically. Under a heavy load in the harness supplied additional air that is discharged with decreasing load. In addition, the adaptive air suspension provides auto adjusting the ground clearance. In this case, the clearance of the car, regardless of the load remains within the specified values.

Infinitely variable rigidity air suspension is designed to provide a high level of comfort thanks to the computer control of the testimony of the various types of sensors.

While there is no need for tougher the suspension, for example, in high-speed driving on the road with good pavement, suspension remains comfortably soft. Changing the damping of each wheel individually reduces the risk of body movements, which could affect passenger comfort.

In cornering, or when driving off adaptive suspension automatically reduces the buildup of body and pecks.

The principle of operation of air suspension vehicle.
Characteristics of suspension affects many operational qualities of the car: ride, comfort, driving stability, durability, as the machine itself, and a number of its parts and components. In heavy traffic conditions, it is possible the suspension, not the engine power, determine the average and maximum speed.
Experience in operating commercial vehicles shows that the rough roads average speed drops to 35-40%, fuel consumption increases by 50-70%, turnaround decreases by 35-40%. The productivity of vehicles is reduced by 32-36%, and the cost of transport increased by 50-60%. Add to that the loss caused by overspending metal, fuel, rubber, and the incremental cost of labor. To reduce these losses can or improve roads, which is expensive, or improve the car's suspension, which is even more expensive, but in terms of thousands of cars is cheaper.

All the same road with a smooth surface impose the suspension is very strict. After all, speed is constantly increasing, and the requirements for handling and stability of automobiles and trains harder. Placing three-section pnevmoelement.

 in equalizing rear axle car Tatra-815

Analysis of the design of the car shows that the weighting of the vehicle determined by the ratio of the payload to the weight of itself, is constantly growing. The desire for minimum curb weight, increase the weight coefficient of the vehicle and wearing comfort leads to the fact that the suspension with steel springs not
always able to fit into the requirements for them. In many cases, the suspension should:

- The maximum smoothness without significant mutual displacements sprung and unsprung parts of the car;

- The minimum clearance between the body (chassis) and axles;

- Constant height of a step or floor level when the load changes.

If the linear characteristics of the traditional elastic elements can not achieve acceptable natural frequency equal to 90-120 min-1, forcing designers to contact with non-linear elastic elements, progressive characteristic: Pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic, has a number of advantages.

First, these elastic elements have more energy in the main working range and large deflections, and hence, reducing the amplitude of the oscillations, reducing the amount of energy absorbed shocks, facilitate adjustment. In the suspensions with steel elastic elements and performance density is achieved only through a strong design complexity.

The second advantage - the ease of automatic control and dynamic stiffness of the suspension in accordance with the load, which allows you to get a great ride and improve the performance of the other. For the same size Suspension allows you to have a high degree of commonality for different duty vehicles with a significant difference in the magnitude of the sprung mass. This is the third advantage. Fourth, pnevmoelementy have extremely long life, unattainable for steel elastic elements. Such as cylinders buses GMC nursed to 1 million miles.

Permanent position of the body facilitates ensuring the correct kinematic suspension and steering actuator lowers the center of gravity of the car and, therefore, increase its stability. At any load provided proper position lights for safer night driving. It - five. Sixth, to improve vehicle stability when braking on air suspension often given another function: just adjust the braking forces at the wheels depending on the load changes on them.

Modern suspension (cargo) of the vehicle consists of three main components:
1. Elastic elements, which receive dynamic loads between the body or frame vehicle and road.
2. Elements, absorbing vibration suspension.
3. Node is responsible for stabilizing the vehicle relative to the plane of the road.

At this point in trucks, a variety of vehicle suspension design and engineering of the elastic elements. First of all, it yourself car tires, which efficiently absorb minor road irregularities. The larger wheels and lower the pressure in it, the greater the obstacle car crossed without much impact on the load frame. Heavy dump trucks with their huge wheels do without additional suspension components, as their tires effectively dampen road roughness. Slow wheel tractors and machinery in the form of an elastic element content with only air in the tires.

Second in age and frequency of use in modern technology elastic elements are springs. They come in different model, have a different production technology, but they are the most massively used in modern trucks, and they can be seen as a long-haul tractor, and on construction equipment, urban retail delivery vehicles, military trucks and racing. If previously installed on trucks thick packets korotkolistovyh springs, on modern machines have significantly reduced the number of springs, up to one-on some models, and the length increased, which improved the ride and reduced structural weight. If European manufacturers prefer long spring, their colleagues in the U.S. soon. Therefore trucks with the North American continent tougher on the go.

Air suspension widespread in Europe and the U.S. was 30-40 years ago. Its main advantage over the spring in the lower weight, it supplies more cheaply, and the truck has a better ride. Factory price of the truck with air suspension is higher than the machine with a spring, but the replacement pads in operation for less than the whole spring. In addition, trucks with air suspension smaller break asphalt roads, so most long-haul trucks are equipped with bellows. Disadvantage of this suspension is that it requires additional air valves and tubes and more powerful air compressor. This system is afraid of water and the mud, so the construction techniques used cup spring suspension. However, there is the Dutch manufacturer of heavy construction equipment and Terberg Ginaf, which are actively used air suspension of his own design for trucks.

Air bags do not have a rigid connection to the frame of the truck, and that the bridge does not "walk" in the design of the vehicle suspension used longitudinal and transverse thrust. This also complicates and increases the cost of construction.

Air Suspension

In the case of schemes chetyrehballonnoy suspension bridge but two (usually) longitudinal jet transverse rods requires (usually V-shaped) of thrust. If the manufacturer sets the bridge two air bags, the suspension design used trailing (properly called the jet thrust). Rigidity is increased, then the transverse rod put one or even without it. That silent blocks and bushes jet rods require attention and periodic maintenance and replacement. roads at normal thrust nursed 250-350 thousand miles. In our case, they are unlikely to last for more than 200 thousand kilometers. If you yawn when replacement thrust, you can "get" for the repair of frogs, of course, if the time before power does not coincide with the axis of the road train of broken bushes, not deploy your truck across the road on the ice.
It should be noted that today's manufacturers of trucks widely used combinations suspension, consisting of springs and pnevmoelementov.

In North America for construction equipment commonly used rubber-cast pads as an elastic element. Such a suspension spring is much easier, and it does not have the disadvantages of air suspension. Price rubber suspension is not very different from the spring. But it is quite tough, and without air suspension driver's seat can not do. Unfortunately, this type of suspension is almost common.

Torsion bars are used primarily for military applications. True, the famous brand Tatra trucks in some building models are widely used torsion bars, both independently and in combination with bellows. By light delivery truck Japanese and Korean manufacturers front independent suspension sometimes made on the torque.

The springs are used primarily for off-road all-wheel drive cars with independent wheel suspension. In the German Army enough trucks MAN, with 6x6 and independent spring suspension on all wheels.

In order to extinguish the buildup of the truck used in the design of the car shock absorbers. They can be either single or double action. At the moment, shock absorbers, usually hydraulic. On European motorways and European climate shocks "live" 300-400 thousand miles. On our roads increases the load on the suspension several times. well and frost can "kill" the shock absorbers and 10 thousand kilometers: they flow, are broken or torn rubber grommets "ears."

Sport trucks, special purpose vehicles and military vehicles are equipped with hydropneumatic struts. This is not a new invention, as in military vehicles are used for a long time. But only recently started using these racks and the civil engineering.

Hydropneumatic front are kind of active dampers effectively perceive the increased loads and large amplitude oscillations quenching. They can change their stiffness and other characteristics depending on the application. They are used, usually in trucks with leaf spring suspension. Such machines with the suspension kept jumping and flying tens of meters without affecting the truck. the potential of such a great suspension at various rally raids and demonstrations of military equipment.

Last two years, special vehicles and not only on him began to install a new generation of hydro-pneumatic rack. Now they not only act as shock absorbers, but also the role of the elastic element. Truck with a rack requires neither springs nor springs or torsion bars. It's great to facilitate construction. The characteristics of such hydropneumatic struts can change from the cab, varying clearance, stiffness, suspension travel, and even tilt the car to the left and right or forward and backward. These racks fit well in the design of the vehicle with independent wheel suspension, and this rover is not facing diagonal display wheels in difficult road conditions. Hydropneumatic front of the new generation is installed in their equipment vendors such as Ginaf and Terberg. While timid these racks offer manufacturers of trailers on the suspension trailers. Most likely, this design will be further spread and more widely used.

turbo charger

Turbo Charger

Of motorists who do not want a big power for your car? Of course, many will not admit, but at heart they still want a fast ride on a powerful machines build for, to feel my whole body every "horse" power of the motor. Currently, to increase engine power is not a difficult problem, because there is such a trend, as tuning and modification of cars. It includes many options for hobbies engine power, the benefit of the market has a lot of special components and assemblies, which will help in achieving the desired result.

As you know, there are many options to increase the "herd of horses" under the hood. Among them are the bore cylinder block, chip tuning, installation of new parts completed. But the peak of perfection is the installation of the turbine. Probably many of you have heard the word "turbo", but no one really is what it is? This notation hides the presence or automotive turbocharger or mechanical compressor. What is it and why you need the turbo (the most popular brands of Garrett, KKK and Holset) we have to deal with you.

Turbocharger - a device for increasing the power of the motor due to a larger supply air to the cylinders. The principle of it in the next, the engine gets the air-fuel mixture that burning out the exhaust pipe. At the entrance of the exhaust manifold is the impeller, which is rigidly connected to the other blades, which is already the intake manifold. When the exhaust gases out of the engine, they are hyping the impeller, which is located in the exhaust manifold. Which in turn spins the impeller into the intake manifold. The result is that the engine will flow more air, and therefore fuel. And as we know from the theory of engine, the more fuel is burned, the more engine power. And so we burn more fuel, we need more air. A turbocharger is just delivers more air into the engine. The result is a significant increase in capacity.

It should also be noted that the turbocharger impeller may develop up to revolutions per minute. As a consequence, there is a large inertia turbocharger, which was popularly known as "turbo-port". The essence only made for  the "turbo port" in the following. Pressing it on the gas pedal, the impeller slowly gaining its momentum and therefore have to wait for some time, when the air begins to flow into the engine. This effect is usually last only a few seconds, but it still leaves an untidy sediment. Fortunately, now all manufacturers in varying degrees, it got rid of the effect of "turbo-hole", ie were installed two-pass valve. First-pass valve is designed for exhaust gas, and the second to bypass excess air from the inlet manifold of the engine in the pipeline before the turbocharger. Also its responsibility to monitor the pressure in the intake manifold. What is the result? When you reset the gas turbocharger impeller revolutions are reduced very slowly. And if it sharply pressed the gas pedal, the air in the intake manifold to fully materialize. It turns out that the effect of turbo-hole in this case is equal to the time of the opening of the bypass valve.

There are such expressions as "biturbo" or "tvinturbo." In the first case, they indicate the presence of two turbochargers arranged in parallel, and the second - the presence of three turbochargers. Often "biturbo" or "tvinturbo" use only in sports cars, as well as civilian cars with sporty characteristics. Applying multiple turbochargers advantageous because they are all different sizes. This means that they will have greater inertia, and the other - smaller. As a result, the first turbo will work with small and medium engine speeds, and the second at speeds close to the maximum.

Well, that those motorists who know what a turbocharger and "turbo" must guess what does the word "intercooler." It is needed to cool the air supplied to the intake manifold. Because we can not go down there an infinite number of air, unnecessarily increasing its density when it is heated. To cool the incoming air intercooler is used - extra radiator.

For those who are going to buy a turbo for a car, there are many suggestions. In the market turbochargers of different brands and manufacturers. The most popular is the automotive turbocharger Garrett gt17, which received recognition and love of many motorists. As there are brands of turbine KKK, Mitsubishi, Holset, Schwitzer, KHD, and many others. Turbochargers are set not only for cars, they are widely used for trucks and buses with diesel engine. Unfortunately, VAZ, which we are very popular among beginners tyuningerov, installing the turbocharger is only possible with your hands.

Graphics for cars

Graphics is that part in which your car look diffrent and unique form rest of the cars...
doing graphics depends on u.. what kind of design or partten do u like..
it may be sports, devil, regional etc...
once u have diceded what graphics should be there on your car than start designing it or you can see many of them on the web select the angle on which you want that stuff do that and when you will go on the streets with your hot graphics done ride no one can get of there eyes from your ride...
now it depends on you what do u want do you want people attention or you want nothing...  Let's start with the fact that the market of car graphics in our country,in particular,it can be said in its infancy. The number and variety of cars is growing every year, and there is little than can surprise our stand out from the 'gray' weight, to emphasize their individuality, because for many of the car - it's more than just transportation. But companies that are engaged in the development of vehicle graphics in our city can be counted on one hand.
  It is widely believed anti properties vivid memorable cars. Of course, the pictures on the back - it is not a panacea against theft, but the statistics say that the meaning of this is.

  In the decoration of vehicles, we identify two main areas: the airbrush (airbrush) and stickers (vinyl’s) (application and full-color images, dubbed the people - the "vinyl’s" as made of vinyl). As well, there is a complex multi-color painting with stencils. This work we can produce in the car painting services, the cost is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of the picture and the number of colors, while this method is not very popular, because, often, the same effect can be achieved by applications, but several times cheaper (but less durable). Besides, if overdone with this painting, there can be problems with the registration color of the car.

  The main differences vinyls and airbrushing.
  The main advantage of film labels - is the cost. If you find the 50-250 dollars on vinyl stickers will be many car owners, then spend 2 to 5 thousand dollars for airbrushing afford only a few. In addition, to restore (for example, after an accident), the damaged section of vinyl images much easier and cheaper. Boring sticker can be removed without repainting the car. Fashion decorate cars vinyl went from street racers (street racing), so the labels usually give energetic character (not an axiom), often working in sports tuning. Airbrush, in turn, more extensive and long-lived, it is a masterpiece and reflects originality and creative nature of the owner of the vehicle. Its quality depends on the skill of the artist, but the result, as a rule, can not be predicted at 100%. Because of this, the risk of dissatisfaction.
  We do not believe that the airbrush and labels strongly compete, and that some of these ways to decorate the car is better than another. Each of them is good for the realization of its objectives. Everyone is different, and everyone has a right to choose. For example, someone who likes to change the pictures (and maybe himself a / m) every year or two, and someone always needs a recognizable style for years to come.
Made of colored vinyl applique method (making or imposition of elements of different colors in the whole picture).

The most common variant a 3-5 year calendered film (3M, Avery, Oracal). This image will hold the vehicle from 2 to 5 years, depending on operating conditions. Some bends surface car these films can not be overcome without additional technology cuts. It should be noted that the life of the labels Budget strongly influences literacy and quality of the application to the body. In our experience, there were cases when such films were much longer than five years but more than two years for this material guarantees can not be.

More durable option - 07.12 summer cast film (3M, Avery, Oracal, KPMF). Defects in these materials there is little for them acceptable body surface of almost any complexity, and these labels are from 5 years. Perhaps the only negative - is the price.

We do not recommend the use of vinyl stickers in order to hide the large scratches, chips and rust lesions. First, all the relief well visible on the surface of the film. Second, on the ground, filling and, especially, on the rust film poorly kept. Still, some defects body (eg, a small dent) figure may mask, but only by diverting attention.

You can choose a sticker from our catalog or to order a picture of their sketches, photos, pictures from a magazine, games, etc. (The price may be slightly increased). It is also possible to develop individual design project (design service not included). Prices for vinyls are in the directory.Made of colored vinyl applique method (making or imposition of elements of different colors in the whole picture).

The most common variant a 3-5 year calendered film (3M, Avery, Oracal). This image will hold the vehicle from 2 to 5 years, depending on operating conditions. Some bends surface car these films can not be overcome without additional technology cuts. It should be noted that the life of the labels Budget strongly influences literacy and quality of the application to the body. In our experience, there were cases when such films were much longer than five years but more than two years for this material guarantees can not be.

More durable option - 07.12 summer cast film (3M, Avery, Oracal, KPMF). Defects in these materials there is little for them acceptable body surface of almost any complexity, and these labels are from 5 years. Perhaps the only negative - is the price.

We do not recommend the use of vinyl stickers in order to hide the large scratches, chips and rust lesions. First, all the relief well visible on the surface of the film. Second, on the ground, filling and, especially, on the rust film poorly kept. Still, some defects body (eg, a small dent) figure may mask, but only by diverting attention.

You can choose a sticker from our catalog or to order a picture of their sketches, photos, pictures from a magazine, games, etc. (The price may be slightly increased). It is also possible to develop individual design project (design service not included). Prices for vinyls are in the directory.

Modified Roof for car's

Long roof box and small car, is it possible?
- In theory, if the distance between the roof bars allows, it is always possible to put a roof box along a small vehicle. By cons, you'll wind noises important if the trunk than in front of the pavilion. Very uncomfortable on long journeys!
- The roof boxes Short (volume of 315 to 370 liters) are adapted to urban and small family.
- As for roof boxes mixed are the most sold. With larger widths, they have capacities ranging from 340 to 480 liters, and suitable for all types of cars, family sedans and 4x4.

Roof box car, it is noisy and energy-efficient?
The car roof boxes offer resistance to the air causing disturbances more or less important. Less high, and equipped with more aerodynamic diffusers (such as racing cars), roof boxes profiles are less noisy.
The air resistance affects your consumption (about 15% depending on your speed). An effect that you can always limit one hand favoring a model closest to your needs in terms of litrage, and secondly by reducing your speed.

How to allocate costs between vehicle and roof box?
- Never forget that you can usually load 75 kg at the most in your roof box car and also always check also the capacity of the roof rack.
- Fill with objects rather light but bulky and heavy objects to book space in the vehicle.
- Place the heaviest items at the bottom, near the roof bars that provide port.
- Inside the safe, always secure your cargo with straps or nets to avoid very unpleasant weight transfer when cornering and braking.

How to decide between the various systems of opening and closing?
- Central locking: closing one lock, two latches operate simultaneously at different places in the car roof box for increased security (principle of multipoint locks).
- Secure Lock: Can not remove key if the roof box is open. So you can not leave the trunk closed incorrectly, or forget their keys in the trunk.
- Bilateral Open: opens the trunk on both sides, which is particularly convenient city to load or unload always on the side of the sidewalk.
- Opening Assisted less effort to open the chest on the roof, which remains open while you load it.

The installation of your roof box car, easy or not?
There are 4 main mounting systems roof box, more or less sophisticated:
- Dial U: fixations "classic" equipping often the coffers input range. These are the systems less convenient.
- Easy Snap: patented mounting system simplifies installation and does not require tools.
- Easy Fit: system dials from a simple set turn on U hexagonal sections. The only benefit of a clip system integrated security.
- Fast Grip and Power Grip (Thule) knobs that tighten the clamps coming to fix all alone on the roof rack.

What does the litrage my roof box?
300 liters, 600 liters ... It is not always easy to imagine what volumes are also important.
Generally, we can consider:
- A large travel bag = 100 liters
- A large suitcase = 200 liters
- A box of 206 (without folding the seat) = 245 liters
- A refrigerator (and freezer) = between 250 and 300 liters
But beware, roof boxes are (thankfully) not cubes. It will be much easier to place flexible bags that large hard suitcases.

The best modified Hoods...

The best modified hoods…
The hoods can be installed post fabrication. In addition, this implementation can be done in most vehicles, even in smaller and cheaper.
The hoods manual work, with a handle, which when lifted causes the sunroof hatch act as; bring a handle that allows movement of the glass attachment laterally.
Whatever type or brand of sunroof installation should be performed by specialists serious as misplacement can interfere with the physical structure of the vehicle.
The process of installing a sunroof is done in three steps. Start with a cut on the car roof is performed on the basis of a mold. Then comes a second cut, and final, which is made with a precision machine.
Finally, install the sunroof in free space and sealed with silicone
A look at the sky from your vehicle!
We are dedicated to the automotive market, we offer sales and installation of  hoods, make leather upholstery and accessories for vehicles.
hoods have an elegant style, ease of operation and advanced features that offers the possibility to all vehicles a feeling of freshness and freedom to lead.
 Easy installation thanks to a system of bevels allow perfect accommodation to any vehicle.
     Its glass slides over the bonnet of the vehicle being in a position giving an aerodynamic spoiler effect of cooling the car and a sporty vehicle.
 Its design does not reduce the internal space, with a drainage system, its glass hides within the internal upholstery and hood of the vehicle, adding a touch of elegance.
that this problem will not present any quality and performance.     More comfort and safety in any season. More light, air, greater pleasure. With a hoods  may have a place in the touch of a button, and freely breathe fresh air with a flick of the wrist. Even with the roof closed the atmosphere in your vehicle will be more bright and pleasant. You will have a feeling of space and really enjoy driving. In any season the current generated in summer low temperature for optimum driving car. In the cold, wet days of winter will prevent fogging of windows and the heating air is too dry and fouled. Even the air conditioned work faster,  more efficiently and with less noise by avoiding excessive fuel consumption. A hoods Difference We have a wide range of ceilings to give a touch of personality to your car. Various sizes, electric and manual with the accurate completion indoor / outdoor quality by highly qualified staff with over twenty years of experience installing roofs in Uruguay, which allow you to add a unique piece to your car.

 The hoods have evolved in recent years

Some time ago were synonymous with luxury or sports car, but today sunroofs can be installed without an excessive premium on many models of any brand. Also, how to place the glass on top of our car has evolved considerably. Gone are the rough hoods that stood directly sectional area of the vehicle, have given way to advanced electrical systems open and close, which also select between different positions..
However, what are the positives and negatives of purchasing a car with a sunroof? Here are some of the most important and you should consider:
Advantages of the hoods,    Besides, literally, we will have a much greater interior brightness and spaciousness flood the interior of your car.
    Security is not an issue. In recent years there has been largely improved to such systems that have rollover accident or the minimum possible negative consequences. Still, we must not forget that this is a glass, so the risk is always greater.
    Usually, the appearance of our car improve. This type of hoods usually gives a distinctive touch to any model that incorporates it. Although, for taste ...
 It is necessary to pay more. Although increasingly smaller quantities are required, the installation of a entails an extra expense.
    The weight and air resitencia while consumption remains open pose something greater than a traditional car hoods.
    The repair can be quite expensive. In case of power failure or breakage, we will have to "scratch his pocket" to pay the settlement.

The modified Spoiler


The spoiler on my car I stuck, glue that is used for car windows.
At first I had my doubts as to whether a simple glue would, but I preferred that to put him in the car screws. In the end, the glue is very good, the spoiler I have for several months and was impressively strong. As an experiment I hung up on him and did not even move.
So I recommend using this adhesive.
It comes in a tube similar to silicone, use calafatera gun and worth about 5000 pesos in specialized houses. I advise buying the 3M brand.

For other uses of this term, see Spoiler (nautical).
Operation of the flaps on an airplane.
Front wing of a Formula 1 car.

The ailerons, in the field of aeronautics, is a command and control surfaces that are at the ends of the wings of the aircraft and its mission is to carry out the curves on both sides of the plane through a roll movement .

These wings, along with the elevator are controlled by the "horns" which is like the wheel of a car and are named for their shape of horns. In the house Airbus aircraft, these command and control surfaces (ailerons, elevator and rudder) are controlled through a vertical lever.

In competition cars, a spoiler is arranged on planes reversed so that instead of pushing the vehicle makes up downwards. The purpose of this is to increase the normal force exerted on the car floor, thereby increasing the friction between the tires and the track and, consequently, increases the grip and traction of the car.
Operating Principle

The spoiler is designed with a straight face and a curved face, or both curved faces but with one or more developed length, so that air passing through the curve has to do it faster than the face straight. This, according to the Bernoulli principle, generates a pressure drop in the curved face and, consequently, a force due to suction. The idea behind the roll offset is to cause an asymmetric lift on both wings of the aircraft. This would induce a rise (gains lift) and the other down (loses lift). When the ailerons deflect upwards or downwards this effect is achieved.
Knowing that the two basic tasks and virtually all pursuing unique aerodynamics of a racing car, that is reducing the resistance and increasing the down-force, we will explain the operation, the features and applications of the ailerons front of any racing car. Racing cars that have the engine behind, which are almost all (Formula 1 and Formula GT for example), they need the car bow down-force generated so that the front tires have grip on the asphalt. Even without being the reason for the location of the engine, responsible for the need for such down-force, the more down-force, at least in the curve, you have, the less time cornering (almost every race, earn here ....). Anyway, there is more reason, as we shall see, to the existence and installation of the front wings.

In the case of Formula GT, is not allowed, according to standard competition technique, install mode aileron aileron F1 type testing it are placed or plates aletines properly calculated to produce the down-force necessary:

The Down-Force generation, as we saw in a previous article, is simply place the appropriate profile for a given angle and a given surface, a force is generated descensional given. With the addition of Gurney Flaps, for example, we can increase the force, with a very small increase in resistance. Such flaps, analyze them in future articles.
The wheels of an F1 car, generating approximately 40% of the total resistance of the car, so if there is a place where we must stress to reduce drag, it's just, how we can reduce the resistance of the wheels ? The answer is simple: making the flow is not blowing on the wheels for it, taking advantage of the spoiler's ahead, we designed the wing to divert the flow around the wheels, reducing drag.

Why the front wings, are so far ahead? It's about time: the more developed they are, the less force is needed to generate by themselves, so the wheels possess a certain down-force (we can think of the principle of the lever). Obviously, this position is legislated and limited by the technical regulations race. Another feature added with these flow deflectors front, is to prevent the flow of air from the high pressure area to the low pressure area (a tip screen mode, as we saw in a previous article); thus, the resistance of the entire system is considerably reduced and significantly:

What Is Car Modification


 "Amend the Traffic Act in order to the permission of installation of devices that alter the original power of vehicles and which is also used to increase the power and the looks of it."

Banned  the installation of other parts or modified parts that alter the original power of vehicles.

The permission is set to alter the original enhancement engines all vehicles, using items or additional equipment, not included in its basic accessories.

The engine modification includes various things depends upon your requirement.

The question arises: What is the danger, a car or a modified enhanced factory may even triple the power of a modified car?

Clearly if we want to modify our cars money doesn’t matters, but of course, it is depends upon your requirement as well as your passion.

Because obviously it's easier to prohibit permit responsibilities, ie allowing certain ranges and transferring responsibility to the motorist. Plant Technical Review which should have a while to gauge dynamometers CO2 emissions stopped moving and not as at present. It is the same  that could allow to measure the power of the vehicles and determine if the vehicle in question has additional horses and how much is on the range. If you exceed this range should approve amended.

In other words  I do not see how a police officer can determine whether or not a vehicle is modified in a area or on the streets, as whether to pursue an escape by just having a different sound would start a witch hunt all healthy.

"But if everyone changed their cars engines do to run"

Error! While it is true that changing motors allow in many cases these have better performance does not necessarily translate into lethal weapons are also the new law intended to constitute presumption that driver's liability in case of accident transit, ie allegedly guilty if anything.

Let's see, if I have a car with factory turbo and decide to add a turbo timer and change the blow-off valve Original committing an illegal and I would become a virtual fault in an accident, but it is noteworthy that the two above amendments despite being "additional devices not covered by the original structure of the vehicle" do not add extra power to the engine but serve to prolong the life of the turbo. Did that fiscalicen who understand this future law?

Unfortunately the enactment of a law of this kind would not achieve more than demonizing cars and powerful engines could be just the prelude to legislation on the maximum power that can move cars through the streets of Chile.

Anyway, as we do not get to criticize without contributing anything, here we let our honorable senators some tips to think this best possible law:

    It is true that too much additional power for a car that was not created for this can be dangerous, it would be ideal to define measurable enhancement ranges Plant Technical Review.
    How about instead of banning it outright, use measuring ranges empowerment to calculate additional values ​​to permit circulation?
    Technical Review Plants have slated dynamometers, which besides being able to measure the power of the car could be used to better measure emissions.
    You can not ban the use of items sold legally. Or it will also be illegal to import parts and automotive parts?

Raising the fact that a car would transform enhance a vehicle immediately dangerous and guilty of traffic accidents is like banning male muscle tone by transforming man into a potential batterer. Absurd! As much as the law in question

The modifications of your car is the best way to be different and unique from other peoples

The look or the design of your modified car makes your car different from other cars of that model

 The car is one of the thing which indicate the profile as well as personality of the owner

 Girls! Are also attract towards modified and sexy looking cars and its owner

If you want to be unique on the road or you want to be popular or famous on the streets start modifying your RIDE

 So lets quickly start the modifications of your car and be unique.

 Each and everything in the car can be modified in the car.

You can transform your normal basic car in your dream car

If you have low budget so buy second hand car and then try to modify it…!!!.

Rolls-Royce launches new showroom in Hyderabad, India

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ presence in India continues to grow with the official opening of a third showroom in the South Indian commercial capital of Hyderabad, following the appointment of its authorised dealer, Kun Motoren Private Limited to represent Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hyderabad.

Situated on the second floor of Kun Motoren’s luxury car hub in Hyderabad, the 5,400 square foot, three-car showroom also boasts a carefully crafted bespoke lounge where customers are able to select the intimate detailing of their Rolls-Royce car.

Paul Harris, Asia Pacific Regional Director said, "We are excited to be working with Kun Motoren as our dealer partner in a region rich with Rolls-Royce history and passion for the brand. Establishing a new retail facility will allow us to reach our customers with the same high standards available elsewhere in the country. The new showroom conforms to the brand’s latest global standards, and is both an impressive and luxurious space.

Legend has it that the former Nizam of Hyderabad – famously named as the all-time richest Indian, and the one of the wealthiest men to have ever lived – owned over 50 Rolls-Royce motor cars. This colourful history, our current customer base and continued level of demand is why Hyderabad was the natural choice for this new showroom."

Rolls-Royce cars are the epitome in super-luxury motoring. Customers can now visit the new showroom and bring their personal, creative desires to life. Each car is designed with the bespoke capabilities only Rolls-Royce craftsmanship can offer.

Vasanthi Bhupati, Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hyderabad said: "We are committed to delivering beautiful hand-built motor cars to our highly successful customers. In this elegant new showroom, customers can enjoy the creative process that comes with commissioning each and every Rolls-Royce vehicle. We are looking forward to this new and exciting chapter in Rolls-Royce history."

Herfried Hasenoehrl, Rolls-Royce General Manager for Emerging Markets Asia added: "Today we see yet another extension of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presence in India. I am happy we have partnered with Kun Exclusive, whose excellent track record bodes well for its role as new ambassadors for Rolls-Royce’s return to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala."

We expect Kun to set a benchmark for our customers in the state, with its track record of excellent customer attention and service."

| Rolls-Royce