Pink Fire Pointer Suzuki Solio 2011 the latest generation wagon

Suzuki Solio 2011 the latest generation wagon

Suzuki is known candidate to make a compact car, after success with karimun, swift and splash, a Japanese automobile manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation officially launched its latest generation of compact size wagon, named Suzuki Solio. For the Japanese plan, the last car was introduced to the market next January 7, 2011.

Even if the Solio has cute appearance but once entered into the cabin space for the car class looks relieved. Both models sliding rear side doors for easy access in and out of the passenger. Dimensional box-shaped vehicle and called this wagon, length 3710 mm, width 1620 mm and 1765 mm height. While the 2450 mm wheelbase. Bearing capacity of 5 people Solia equipped with 1242 cc engine with automatic transmission, CVT.

This machine is the same as those used Suzuki Splash K12B but set back so that the performance is slightly different. This engine produces a maximum power of 67 (91 PS) @ 6000 rp Nm@4.800 118 rpm and torque. Next, use 165/65R14 tires. Thanks to a machine that is also very economical fuel Solio cute. The results of the manufacturer's internal testing shows, Solio only takes one liter of fuel for a distance of 22.5 kilometers. In accordance with the high safety standards in Japan Solio device pinned ESP, ABS and EBD.
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In addition to be launched by Suzuki, Solio will also be sold by Mitsubishi under the name eKWagon. This collaboration is not new, previously Suzuki APV is also sold by Mitsubishi under the name Maven. Priced at 1.38 million yen, or about USD 150.42 million in Japan, Suzuki set a target of 12 thousand units could be sold each year.