Pink Fire Pointer How to Repair Car's Air Conditioner Performance

How to Repair Car's Air Conditioner Performance

Car's Air Conditioner Performance
Air Conditioner including a vital organ for a particular car type city car. Because Air Conditioner greatly affect the comfort of passengers and motorists have to travel as far out in the sun. Electronic devices such as car audio device or TV car was going to be more durable because it protected from excessive heat.

In order for Air Conditioner continue to run normally, most car owners do not have to understand the parts as well as maintenance of Air Conditioner. The most standard way is to maintain the performance of car air conditioner is the periodic servicing. Air Conditioner Service is generally done at least once a year. For cars that use higher frequencies such as taxis, a shorter period of service was attempted that is six months.

When servicing, car owners are advised to ensure that the stages of work done completely and correctly. Air Conditioner Maintenance includes cleaning the cooling coil or evaporator followed the addition of compressor oil. Compressor oil is not its size. If you want to know his pass must unload the compressor. If
dismantled it should replace the seal-seal it. So if there's no interference with the compressor, just to be safe enough that we just add the oil.

Do also check the filter and dryer functions for filtering and drying. As well as checking the expansion of the function to pengkabutan. Prior to charging the freon, compressor aspirated with a vacuum device to remove the air in it. "We serviced it should be cleaned first. When
the purge air compressor, if not divakum, content
freonnya will not maximal.

Especially for charging Freon, car owners are advised to check at least six months. In that time according to, Freon is much reduced levels may be due to a subtle leak or evaporation. After charging, a new checks performed by the cooling rate as well as working termomoter automatic sensors. This sensor serves to reduce the cooling if the temperature inside the car reached a certain cold.

Usually we stay alone setting. But when it did not work so have to change. But because the original sensors are quite expensive, usually the owner requested be handled first. Normally we wear bandrek ordinary thermostat was able to walk again.

Air Conditioner Sensor original price depends on the type of car. Workmanship for a higher degree of difficulty, the charge was more expensive.