Pink Fire Pointer Understand What It Small Service and Large Service

Understand What It Small Service and Large Service

car service
It's hard to imagine if the center in urgent circumstances, the car or vehicle that we were traveling "protest" in the middle of the road.

If you do not want to experience something like that, from now is worth more attention to the vehicle, for example by performing routine service on a regular basis in the workshop of trust.

In general, service to be divided into two, namely servicing large and small service. Usually cover only a small servicing the engine oil and filter change, and clean the air filter. Should follow the guidelines of the manual book of his, about every 5000-7500 miles traveled should be serviced light.

Minimal change engine oil, because if too long feared to come circulate carbon residue. The impact is lower quality oil. As with the great service.

Treatment usually includes the servicing of all oil substitute, from engine oil, transmission, until the axle. Also the bolts on the legs of the vehicle also becomes part of the check at the time of service. Great service should be performed every 10,000 kilometers. It is intended that the condition of the vehicle is always in top shape.

In each serving both small and great service is usually also carried out engine or tune up. There are several work items that were once a regular tune ups, such as check spark plugs and spark plug wires, set the ignition timing, check air filter, clean the intake manifold, and set the valve for cars that still use the manual valve.

For cars that already use a computer (ECU), if necessary when doing a tune up scanner tool used to facilitate instant diagnosis found the problem on the car.

That is, if the scanner appliance trouble with the ABS sensor is not necessarily convicted the ABS sensor to be replaced, but first examined the cause, it could be just a loose socket.