Pink Fire Pointer Beware Your Debit Cards Because it can bring you to Deep Trouble

Beware Your Debit Cards Because it can bring you to Deep Trouble

A friend called to tell me someone stole his debit card number and it is outrageous to see the charges on ATM debit your bank. After digging a little further, he discovered that he is the victim of ATM skimming. This is very shocking is the face of us can become a victim.

Believe or not, your friendly ATM has the potential to become a bandit hands of the situation, all your money. Complex, high-tech method thieves use to get the keys to your bank account is as ATM skimming.

Is Drag the map Skimmer device that reads the information on your debit card when you drag it - either cash from your bank or buy gasoline.

These criminals use magnetic tape drive that is perfect and totally unnoticed by a magnetic reader at an ATM. When my friend went on the market and its debit card in an ATM 20.00 U.S. dollars from its current account, ATM seems perfectly normal for him. However, he did not know he was a rogue anonymous key to his bank account.

Once a criminal is, these figures should be that these data are then transmitted to the wireless computer. With that information, false identity documents that are created and distributed to people who have the cards at ATMs, retail or online store.

Here scary part: Who among us can not go on the Internet and buy the card readers and encoders and remove the same trick. Typically, this encoder are used by banks to exchange information on a piece of tape over your credit card to use.

This card will cost about $ 100 and costs encoder between $ 1500 and $ 2000. After the thieves use skimmers to collect your database, they fall within the scope of the encoder, copy the data on the card. Then they take a piece of white plastic, adding that the encoder and add ATMs on the back of a blank check, and they are in the business world.

Another method consists of an ATM card reader or a device for cloning reality on the ATM card reader on your computer. If you use the card in your skimmer, he reads your ATM card and send it to criminals who may be located within the vicinity. May, they are also small camera somehwhere ATM, so that the information on the screen, recorded and your hands punching in your PIN.

Experts believe that the country, ATM skimming has led to monetary losses of more than 4 million U.S. dollars.

So, what can the average consumer do to ensure that they do not skimmed, as my unsuspecting friend?

1st Check your bank accounts at regular intervals to ensure there were no unusual or non-banking operations. It is not that you can do about thieves gain illegal entry into the computer systems and databases with your financial information more vigilant and report any unusual activity.

2nd Avoid using any ATM that looks normal, like scientific equipment or odd son is connected to the device.

3rd Always on the keyboard when you enter your PIN.

4th Try using ATMs or gasoline ask your zip code. Do not drag your card, if you are not prompted to verify personal information. You take a chance.

5th Avoid using ATMs independent, as some crooks to buy their own ATM them to gather information. If you have no other choice than to use the machine, make sure that their eyes on your account statements.