Pink Fire Pointer News :Citi Changes Minimum Payment Calculation

News :Citi Changes Minimum Payment Calculation

Many credit card companies are still a lot of operating expenses in the calculation of the minimum payment. The balance could lead to the transfer of missile wage for 1 month, thus jeopardizing the ability to stay tuned. Citi is now a change.

Citibank has quietly made the changes apply to new constellations of more than 20 dollars. It was not clear whether this amendment applies to all cardholders or group of customers.

This change in line with Citibank:

The minimum amount to a balanced ratio of about 20 U.S. dollars more than the total transaction fees. These figures include balance, cash advance, and other foreign takeovers. Remember that you can pay these costs (and any other amounts on your account) at any time.

It is an incentive for cardholders to their card for large transactions, based on the costs. Some of these costs add May burden for the hundred dollars, depending on the size of the transaction.

Adding these fees to the minimum needed to be paid next month, it may be difficult for money, cards for payment. Even if they want to save money on nice balance transfer offer, did not fully pay the minimum payment each month can deny the offer and causes of May rate hike, which affects all credit on the card.

Not all Citi credit card issuers who followed. Moreover, it is not yet clear whether this amendment applies to all Citibank cards, as no public announcement was by Citibank.