Pink Fire Pointer Acura NSX Concept 2012 Efficient Supercar

Acura NSX Concept 2012 Efficient Supercar

A concept vehicle dynamic style of the Acura NSX. From light meterial supported V-6 engine, Concept NSX with some innovative new technologies Acura SH-AWD Hybrid Sport ® (Super Handling All Wheel Drive ™) hybrid system.

Plus 2 Electric Motor Drive Unit with Adjustable Torque Bilateral Control System, the all-new hybrid all-wheel-drive system can directly produce negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering. Acura Hybrid Sport expects the new SH-AWD ® will provide performance unmatched by any previous AWD system. In addition to handling benefit from sistimSport Hybrid SH-AWD ®, the strongest generation of VTEC ® by mesinV-6 direct injection combined with working with dual-clutch transmission with built-in electric motor will create a supercar acceleration as well as offering exceptional efficiency

Environmentally friendly supercar that ... it takes fore efficient vehicles plus high performance and have it happen ... acura Acura supercar is expected to be produced three more years of didevelope by engineers from Honda R & D