Pink Fire Pointer How To Care for Car's Paint

How To Care for Car's Paint

Car's paint is one of the main part showy. Dull paint can make a car that we have / use not attract attention. Because it can not paint underestimated. How to car's paint remains attractive, the following tips:

1. If you avoid the parking lot parking place which directly exposed to hot sun / rain.

2. When you wash your car / motorcycle, do not use detergent because it can damage car paint / motor your existing chemicals in detergent can diminish the brilliance of the paint mobil.Sebaiknya use a special shampoo to wash the car / motorcycle.

3. Avoid paint cars / motor from the spill-spill liquids which contain chemicals, such as oil, brake fluid, oil and others.

4. When painting car's paint or erosion of the paint of cars look small particles which are usually still attached to the car. Remember, a single particle can cause your car paint scratched.

5. If you wipe car's paint you do with the direction, because if you wipe it with any scratch can make a small / invisible paint on the car / bike you.