Pink Fire Pointer Factors That Can Cause Car Accidents

Factors That Can Cause Car Accidents

Car Accidents
As there are several factors that can lead to car accidents are:
  • Vehicle factors, generally the most common is a flat tire and brake tension.
  • Human factors, human factors is virtually predominant in traffic accidents such as not obeying traffic rules, inadvertently (careless), speeding, sleepy until drunk.
  • Environmental factors, some of the things that can cause accidents is inadequate road infrastructure to bad weather.

Associated with the incident:

1. May the families of the victims were given resilience in the face of this sad event.

2. Urged law enforcement agencies to complete the appropriate accident case law and legislation.

3. Urged the automakers to improve facilities and safety standards of vehicles it produces.

4. Appealed to the public that:

a. Alert and concentration when driving.

b. Obedient and orderly manner while driving.

c. Caring for and maintenance of vehicles.

Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Car Accidents