Pink Fire Pointer MIT Media Lab Introduce Hiriko The Small Car

MIT Media Lab Introduce Hiriko The Small Car

Latest small car from the land of matador, the manufacturer gives name of this little car is Hiriko. Dimensions of the car which is small enough it can still be folded again to a smaller size. In folded condition, the length of this Hiriko only about a third of most cars. That way, parking space constraints that are increasingly less able to overcome.

Actually not much new from this mini car named Hiriko. Cars that can accommodate two persons including the driver is using power from a lithium ion battery while the steering wheel was replaced with a joystick. Some concept cars that had exhibited was actually offers the same features, including an electric motor mounted directly on each wheel. That makes it so special is Hiriko folding concept earlier.

MIT media lab collaborations with several companies based in the Basque for designing Hiriko. The designers of this car is set up a mechanism that allows the cabin rotates vertically and eliminates the distance between the front and rear wheels. In the parking position, the length of the original Hiriko could shrink 2.5 meters to 1.5 meters. That is, one parking space that previously could only be filled one car can now be occupied by three Hiriko. Reportedly, in the near future this car will be mass produced and the selling price is estimated at U.S. $ 16 thousand more.