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Of motorists who do not want a big power for your car? Of course, many will not admit, but at heart they still want a fast ride on a powerful machines build for, to feel my whole body every "horse" power of the motor. Currently, to increase engine power is not a difficult problem, because there is such a trend, as tuning and modification of cars. It includes many options for hobbies engine power, the benefit of the market has a lot of special components and assemblies, which will help in achieving the desired result.

As you know, there are many options to increase the "herd of horses" under the hood. Among them are the bore cylinder block, chip tuning, installation of new parts completed. But the peak of perfection is the installation of the turbine. Probably many of you have heard the word "turbo", but no one really is what it is? This notation hides the presence or automotive turbocharger or mechanical compressor. What is it and why you need the turbo (the most popular brands of Garrett, KKK and Holset) we have to deal with you.

Turbocharger - a device for increasing the power of the motor due to a larger supply air to the cylinders. The principle of it in the next, the engine gets the air-fuel mixture that burning out the exhaust pipe. At the entrance of the exhaust manifold is the impeller, which is rigidly connected to the other blades, which is already the intake manifold. When the exhaust gases out of the engine, they are hyping the impeller, which is located in the exhaust manifold. Which in turn spins the impeller into the intake manifold. The result is that the engine will flow more air, and therefore fuel. And as we know from the theory of engine, the more fuel is burned, the more engine power. And so we burn more fuel, we need more air. A turbocharger is just delivers more air into the engine. The result is a significant increase in capacity.

It should also be noted that the turbocharger impeller may develop up to revolutions per minute. As a consequence, there is a large inertia turbocharger, which was popularly known as "turbo-port". The essence only made for  the "turbo port" in the following. Pressing it on the gas pedal, the impeller slowly gaining its momentum and therefore have to wait for some time, when the air begins to flow into the engine. This effect is usually last only a few seconds, but it still leaves an untidy sediment. Fortunately, now all manufacturers in varying degrees, it got rid of the effect of "turbo-hole", ie were installed two-pass valve. First-pass valve is designed for exhaust gas, and the second to bypass excess air from the inlet manifold of the engine in the pipeline before the turbocharger. Also its responsibility to monitor the pressure in the intake manifold. What is the result? When you reset the gas turbocharger impeller revolutions are reduced very slowly. And if it sharply pressed the gas pedal, the air in the intake manifold to fully materialize. It turns out that the effect of turbo-hole in this case is equal to the time of the opening of the bypass valve.

There are such expressions as "biturbo" or "tvinturbo." In the first case, they indicate the presence of two turbochargers arranged in parallel, and the second - the presence of three turbochargers. Often "biturbo" or "tvinturbo" use only in sports cars, as well as civilian cars with sporty characteristics. Applying multiple turbochargers advantageous because they are all different sizes. This means that they will have greater inertia, and the other - smaller. As a result, the first turbo will work with small and medium engine speeds, and the second at speeds close to the maximum.

Well, that those motorists who know what a turbocharger and "turbo" must guess what does the word "intercooler." It is needed to cool the air supplied to the intake manifold. Because we can not go down there an infinite number of air, unnecessarily increasing its density when it is heated. To cool the incoming air intercooler is used - extra radiator.

For those who are going to buy a turbo for a car, there are many suggestions. In the market turbochargers of different brands and manufacturers. The most popular is the automotive turbocharger Garrett gt17, which received recognition and love of many motorists. As there are brands of turbine KKK, Mitsubishi, Holset, Schwitzer, KHD, and many others. Turbochargers are set not only for cars, they are widely used for trucks and buses with diesel engine. Unfortunately, VAZ, which we are very popular among beginners tyuningerov, installing the turbocharger is only possible with your hands.