Pink Fire Pointer Modified Roof for car's

Modified Roof for car's

Long roof box and small car, is it possible?
- In theory, if the distance between the roof bars allows, it is always possible to put a roof box along a small vehicle. By cons, you'll wind noises important if the trunk than in front of the pavilion. Very uncomfortable on long journeys!
- The roof boxes Short (volume of 315 to 370 liters) are adapted to urban and small family.
- As for roof boxes mixed are the most sold. With larger widths, they have capacities ranging from 340 to 480 liters, and suitable for all types of cars, family sedans and 4x4.

Roof box car, it is noisy and energy-efficient?
The car roof boxes offer resistance to the air causing disturbances more or less important. Less high, and equipped with more aerodynamic diffusers (such as racing cars), roof boxes profiles are less noisy.
The air resistance affects your consumption (about 15% depending on your speed). An effect that you can always limit one hand favoring a model closest to your needs in terms of litrage, and secondly by reducing your speed.

How to allocate costs between vehicle and roof box?
- Never forget that you can usually load 75 kg at the most in your roof box car and also always check also the capacity of the roof rack.
- Fill with objects rather light but bulky and heavy objects to book space in the vehicle.
- Place the heaviest items at the bottom, near the roof bars that provide port.
- Inside the safe, always secure your cargo with straps or nets to avoid very unpleasant weight transfer when cornering and braking.

How to decide between the various systems of opening and closing?
- Central locking: closing one lock, two latches operate simultaneously at different places in the car roof box for increased security (principle of multipoint locks).
- Secure Lock: Can not remove key if the roof box is open. So you can not leave the trunk closed incorrectly, or forget their keys in the trunk.
- Bilateral Open: opens the trunk on both sides, which is particularly convenient city to load or unload always on the side of the sidewalk.
- Opening Assisted less effort to open the chest on the roof, which remains open while you load it.

The installation of your roof box car, easy or not?
There are 4 main mounting systems roof box, more or less sophisticated:
- Dial U: fixations "classic" equipping often the coffers input range. These are the systems less convenient.
- Easy Snap: patented mounting system simplifies installation and does not require tools.
- Easy Fit: system dials from a simple set turn on U hexagonal sections. The only benefit of a clip system integrated security.
- Fast Grip and Power Grip (Thule) knobs that tighten the clamps coming to fix all alone on the roof rack.

What does the litrage my roof box?
300 liters, 600 liters ... It is not always easy to imagine what volumes are also important.
Generally, we can consider:
- A large travel bag = 100 liters
- A large suitcase = 200 liters
- A box of 206 (without folding the seat) = 245 liters
- A refrigerator (and freezer) = between 250 and 300 liters
But beware, roof boxes are (thankfully) not cubes. It will be much easier to place flexible bags that large hard suitcases.