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Many people at some point will have had the opportunity to see the outside of gasoline engine (also called "internal combustion engine" or "internal combustion"), but it is likely that many of these people also unaware of its internal .

When we decided to get a license to drive a car or any other motor vehicle, in some countries require a test or exam answer where, precisely, are some questions related to the working principle of thermal engines of internal combustion either gasoline or diesel.

Petrol engine car or modern automobile.

However, as a mere curiosity, maybe you'll have interested in knowing how a gasoline engine and what parts and pieces that make it up, but between your shorter-term projects is not precisely obtain a license conduction.

A gasoline engine is a thermodynamic machine comprises a set of mechanisms or parts fixed and movable, whose main function is to transform the chemical energy produced by combustion provides a mixture of air and fuel into mechanical energy or motion. When this transformation occurs chemical into mechanical energy can do useful work, for example, move a motor vehicle as a car or a car, or any other mechanism, as it might be an electrical generator.

Similarly, with the mechanical energy that provides a heat engine can move any other appropriate mechanism that engages the same such as an electrical generator, water pump, the blade of a lawnmower, etc.

Small gasoline engine mated to a lawn mower.

In general the internal combustion engines can be of two types, according to the fuel used to run:

    Explosion or gasoline

    Internal combustion diesel

While combustion engines using gasoline (or gas, or even alcohol) as fuel, the diesel internal combustion uses only diesel (diesel).

If you ever compare parts or mechanisms that shape structurally a gasoline engine and a diesel engine, we will see that in many respects are similar, while others are completely different, although in both cases the principle is similar.

Both petrol engines as diesels can be used to perform the same functions, but when it needs to develop great powers, as required to move a locomotive, a ship or an electrical generator generation large capacity are used only diesel internal combustion engines.