Pink Fire Pointer The best modified Hoods...

The best modified Hoods...

The best modified hoods…
The hoods can be installed post fabrication. In addition, this implementation can be done in most vehicles, even in smaller and cheaper.
The hoods manual work, with a handle, which when lifted causes the sunroof hatch act as; bring a handle that allows movement of the glass attachment laterally.
Whatever type or brand of sunroof installation should be performed by specialists serious as misplacement can interfere with the physical structure of the vehicle.
The process of installing a sunroof is done in three steps. Start with a cut on the car roof is performed on the basis of a mold. Then comes a second cut, and final, which is made with a precision machine.
Finally, install the sunroof in free space and sealed with silicone
A look at the sky from your vehicle!
We are dedicated to the automotive market, we offer sales and installation of  hoods, make leather upholstery and accessories for vehicles.
hoods have an elegant style, ease of operation and advanced features that offers the possibility to all vehicles a feeling of freshness and freedom to lead.
 Easy installation thanks to a system of bevels allow perfect accommodation to any vehicle.
     Its glass slides over the bonnet of the vehicle being in a position giving an aerodynamic spoiler effect of cooling the car and a sporty vehicle.
 Its design does not reduce the internal space, with a drainage system, its glass hides within the internal upholstery and hood of the vehicle, adding a touch of elegance.
that this problem will not present any quality and performance.     More comfort and safety in any season. More light, air, greater pleasure. With a hoods  may have a place in the touch of a button, and freely breathe fresh air with a flick of the wrist. Even with the roof closed the atmosphere in your vehicle will be more bright and pleasant. You will have a feeling of space and really enjoy driving. In any season the current generated in summer low temperature for optimum driving car. In the cold, wet days of winter will prevent fogging of windows and the heating air is too dry and fouled. Even the air conditioned work faster,  more efficiently and with less noise by avoiding excessive fuel consumption. A hoods Difference We have a wide range of ceilings to give a touch of personality to your car. Various sizes, electric and manual with the accurate completion indoor / outdoor quality by highly qualified staff with over twenty years of experience installing roofs in Uruguay, which allow you to add a unique piece to your car.

 The hoods have evolved in recent years

Some time ago were synonymous with luxury or sports car, but today sunroofs can be installed without an excessive premium on many models of any brand. Also, how to place the glass on top of our car has evolved considerably. Gone are the rough hoods that stood directly sectional area of the vehicle, have given way to advanced electrical systems open and close, which also select between different positions..
However, what are the positives and negatives of purchasing a car with a sunroof? Here are some of the most important and you should consider:
Advantages of the hoods,    Besides, literally, we will have a much greater interior brightness and spaciousness flood the interior of your car.
    Security is not an issue. In recent years there has been largely improved to such systems that have rollover accident or the minimum possible negative consequences. Still, we must not forget that this is a glass, so the risk is always greater.
    Usually, the appearance of our car improve. This type of hoods usually gives a distinctive touch to any model that incorporates it. Although, for taste ...
 It is necessary to pay more. Although increasingly smaller quantities are required, the installation of a entails an extra expense.
    The weight and air resitencia while consumption remains open pose something greater than a traditional car hoods.
    The repair can be quite expensive. In case of power failure or breakage, we will have to "scratch his pocket" to pay the settlement.