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What Is Car Modification


 "Amend the Traffic Act in order to the permission of installation of devices that alter the original power of vehicles and which is also used to increase the power and the looks of it."

Banned  the installation of other parts or modified parts that alter the original power of vehicles.

The permission is set to alter the original enhancement engines all vehicles, using items or additional equipment, not included in its basic accessories.

The engine modification includes various things depends upon your requirement.

The question arises: What is the danger, a car or a modified enhanced factory may even triple the power of a modified car?

Clearly if we want to modify our cars money doesn’t matters, but of course, it is depends upon your requirement as well as your passion.

Because obviously it's easier to prohibit permit responsibilities, ie allowing certain ranges and transferring responsibility to the motorist. Plant Technical Review which should have a while to gauge dynamometers CO2 emissions stopped moving and not as at present. It is the same  that could allow to measure the power of the vehicles and determine if the vehicle in question has additional horses and how much is on the range. If you exceed this range should approve amended.

In other words  I do not see how a police officer can determine whether or not a vehicle is modified in a area or on the streets, as whether to pursue an escape by just having a different sound would start a witch hunt all healthy.

"But if everyone changed their cars engines do to run"

Error! While it is true that changing motors allow in many cases these have better performance does not necessarily translate into lethal weapons are also the new law intended to constitute presumption that driver's liability in case of accident transit, ie allegedly guilty if anything.

Let's see, if I have a car with factory turbo and decide to add a turbo timer and change the blow-off valve Original committing an illegal and I would become a virtual fault in an accident, but it is noteworthy that the two above amendments despite being "additional devices not covered by the original structure of the vehicle" do not add extra power to the engine but serve to prolong the life of the turbo. Did that fiscalicen who understand this future law?

Unfortunately the enactment of a law of this kind would not achieve more than demonizing cars and powerful engines could be just the prelude to legislation on the maximum power that can move cars through the streets of Chile.

Anyway, as we do not get to criticize without contributing anything, here we let our honorable senators some tips to think this best possible law:

    It is true that too much additional power for a car that was not created for this can be dangerous, it would be ideal to define measurable enhancement ranges Plant Technical Review.
    How about instead of banning it outright, use measuring ranges empowerment to calculate additional values ​​to permit circulation?
    Technical Review Plants have slated dynamometers, which besides being able to measure the power of the car could be used to better measure emissions.
    You can not ban the use of items sold legally. Or it will also be illegal to import parts and automotive parts?

Raising the fact that a car would transform enhance a vehicle immediately dangerous and guilty of traffic accidents is like banning male muscle tone by transforming man into a potential batterer. Absurd! As much as the law in question

The modifications of your car is the best way to be different and unique from other peoples

The look or the design of your modified car makes your car different from other cars of that model

 The car is one of the thing which indicate the profile as well as personality of the owner

 Girls! Are also attract towards modified and sexy looking cars and its owner

If you want to be unique on the road or you want to be popular or famous on the streets start modifying your RIDE

 So lets quickly start the modifications of your car and be unique.

 Each and everything in the car can be modified in the car.

You can transform your normal basic car in your dream car

If you have low budget so buy second hand car and then try to modify it…!!!.