Pink Fire Pointer 10 Best Car Machines of 2011 by Ward's Auto Review

10 Best Car Machines of 2011 by Ward's Auto Review

WardAuto selection results were also proved, half of the 10 best engines that use the device trubocharger or supercharger. Selection of the best machines this time is a celebration of the 18th time. The jurors perform testing of 34 new machines or who created it in 2011. "There are three main aspects that were tested by the jury," the agency statement said.

All three are, the amount of power, technological sophistication that was carried, the level of fuel consumption, as well as NVW or noise, vibration, and harshness. The well also requires, the engine is mounted assessed it in the car and have sold most in the first quarter of 2012.

Price of the car using the machine should also not be more than U.S. $ 55 thousand. The following list details:
  • 3,000 cc TFSI V6 Supercharger (Audi A6)
  • N20 turbocharged 2,000 cc inline four-cylinder engine (BMW 528i Z4/BMW)
  • 3,000 cc six cylinder inline turbocharged N55 (BMW 335i coupe)

  • Pentastar V6 3600 cc (Chrysler 300S/Jeep Wrangler)
  • 2,000 cc inline four cylinder EcoBoost (Ford Edge)
  • 5,000 cc V8 (Ford Mustang Boss 302)
  • 2,000 cc turbocharged four cylinder inline engine (Buick Regal GS)
  • 1600 cc inline four cylinder (Hyundai Accent / Kia Soul)
  • SkyActiv 2,000 cc four cylinder in line (Mazda3)
  • 3500 cc V6 HEV (Infiniti M35h)