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Toyota Corolla Twin Cam GTI - Fast Cars

Bobbed in the era of 1988-1992, the Toyota Corolla Twin Cam arguably one of the cars that hit stores. No wonder though the car is old but so far quite a lot of fans. In its heyday, the Corolla Twin Cam is the main rival the Honda Grand Civic output. Various variants present Twin Cam ranging from the SE, SE Limited, Liftback fast until the GTi version.

Yup, Toyota Corolla Twin Cam GTI is a variant of the Corolla fastest of all types were present. Its population is rare, to be hunted by collectors & fans speed. Because of scarcity, this car does not have clear market prices, similar to the Honda Civic Estilo. The presence of variant GTI adds lively competition at tight sedans like the Mitsubishi Lancer GTi And Gan & Mazda Astina.

There is a difference in regular Toyota Corolla Twin Cam with the GTI. Starting from the interior to the engine sector. Corolla Twin Cam engines equipped with coded 4AF whereas the GTi version coded 4A-GE. 4A-GE engine is divided into 2 of the 4A-GE 16 valve & 20 valve 4A-GE. Corolla Twin Cam GTI present here uses the engine 4A-GE 16 valve.

Let us refer to a glimpse of the 4A-GE engine ...

4A-GE engine 16 valve version

This machine was developed from 1983 s.d. 1991. What is unique is this legendary machine made could not be separated from the interference of Yamaha factory ...! In the span of 8 years have been born three generation 4A-GE 16 valve. The last generation 4A-GE is quite familiar with the term red top. Named top red because red writing (see figure below). Power output to 140 hp ...! Very powerful for the size of the time.

Spec engine 4A-GE 16 valve version of the third generation

Capacity: 1587 cc DOHC
Diameter x steps: 81 mm x 77 mm
Compression: 10.3: 1
Power: 140 RPM hp@7.200
Torque: 149 RPM Nm@4.800

4A-GE engine 20 valve version

After the era of 16-valve 4A-GE, which came fourth generation 4A-GE engine 20 valves created in 1991 sd 1995. These machines are more sophisticated than the third generation 4A-GE because it was adopted variable valve lid (Toyota Variable Valve Timing / VVT). Similar to the red top, this machine has a name famous for silver top silver engine cover. Compression is higher than the 16 valve which reached 10,5:1. Power output reaches 158 RPM & torque hp@7.400 Nm@5.200 162 RPM.

Still not satisfied until the fourth generation, was born the fifth generation 4A-GE 20 valve in 1995. If the fourth generation of famous names have a silver top then the last generation called the black top. Some improvements in various sectors is done so that the black top producing such an admirable performance throttle body, exhaust, camshaft until the flywheel that uses lightweight materials. Not only that, gearbox's was put on 6 levels of speed. The result is a power increase to 163 RPM & torque hp@7.800 Nm@5.600 162 RPM. Finally in 1998, the legendary collaboration of Toyota engines & Yamaha say sayonara.

Why engine 4A-GE into the speed game enthusiast? 4A-GE has the advantage of light weight, great power, strong and abundant amount of racing part2. So luckily they have Toyota Corolla Twin Cam GTI.