Pink Fire Pointer Suzuki AXELO and ESTILLO Reviews

Suzuki AXELO and ESTILLO Reviews

Some time ago the print media and cyberspace are filled with news of this AXELO product from Suzuki, a two-wheeled vehicle that uses CDI 125 cc engine carburetor similar to older models of Shogun. Suzuki added engine balancer technology to reduce engine vibration.

Axelo claimed to be more aggressive, but fuel-efficient with the distance of 46 kilometers to a liter of gasoline. Axelo comes in three variants priced. For the record became the successor generation AXELO shogun 125.

Last few years in the realm of 4-wheel Suzuki launched the successor gacoan old jug that is now a Karimun Karimun ESTILLO. Suzuki Karimun Estilo comes from the Spanish means style, which is a luxurious blend of form and style; an expression of dynamic and youthful energy. It makes it look more stylish Karimun Estilo with target target market 18-35 years. Karimun Estilo is available in 8 attractive colors namely Brilliant Yellow, Pearl Silver, Purple Fusion, Sparkling Olive, Bright Red, Midnight Black, Champagne Beige, Virgin Blue.

Things that need to be considered in the pursuit of Suzuki's 2 products is that the leader Karimun dal `m ​​the city car, and as if his flamboyant ESTILLO is capable of speaking a lot in the face of its competitors.

While AXELO is jutru become warlords who many expected to do more to attract customers and raise Brad SUZUKI on wheels 2 that while this product is not yet able to show off in the arena of the wheel 2.

Hmm indeed a significant difference in the body of this Suzuki, who wheels 4 wheels instead of two instead leader follower.