Pink Fire Pointer Ferrari FF Reviews, Sports Car With A New Concept

Ferrari FF Reviews, Sports Car With A New Concept

Ferrari FF Reviews
Prancing Horse logo is emblazoned on the car body is clad in bright red color of this. Sculptured body still follow the standard Ferrari cars that are designed for high speed. So what's the difference? At the very least, the shape of the stern of the cut already made ​​this car so it looks 'different'. That's not the worst because it looks like this time Ferrari wanted to offer something different than usual.

As usual, the front is dominated by an elongated hood. If you look at the front of the Ferrari FF, it is clear what comes to mind is a sports car with the engine mounted on the front. What makes it unique is the back. If you notice, the design of the back is more like a hatchback or station wagon. In fact, that was offered Ferrari concept this time.

Ferrari FF

FF behind Ferrari's name is an acronym for Ferrari Four. Why is the number four? Because even though this car has two doors, but he can fit four passengers. In addition, the Ferrari FF is also brought the concept of four-wheel drive, which means power supplied to the four*wheels on this car. So do not blame it if the number four so the name of this car?

From the data specifications circulated seen if the Ferrari FF is still no different from other Ferrari products. Spur kitchen filled with the V-12 engine combustion chamber with a capacity of 6.3 liters that can catapult power of 651 horsepower at 8000rpm engine speed. Torque is claimed at 504 lb-ft at 6000rpm engine speed. Total weight of the car is around 1789kg and no*wonder if he can reach speeds of 100km / h within 3.7 seconds.