Pink Fire Pointer Everus S1, Cheap Honda Cars for China

Everus S1, Cheap Honda Cars for China

Honda Motor, the famous manufacturer from Japan, Honda Motor, is rumored to be launching low-cost sedan for Chinese market this month. Low-cost sedan in China called Li Nian Everus S1 S1 alias.
Furthermore Everus S1 will be priced at a fairly cheap for a car that Honda class under 80 thousand yuan. If dirupiahkan about 108 million alone. If in Indonesia selling well priced much for going to this car.

Everus S1 is made not by desail random origin. The shape is very elegant with a strong body lines ala Honda. You could say that taking Everus S1 Honda City is the base design is a combination between Honda Civic and Honda Acura. To give an impression of luxury four-door sedan that has been equipped with lights Light Emitting Diode (LED).