Pink Fire Pointer Check your car's clutch canvass

Check your car's clutch canvass

For vehicles that have a long journey. Most do not know the history of canvas clutch. Canvas clutch that includes slow-moving, usually 3-4 new annual change.

canvas clutch

If lining the car up, symptoms are easy. Take a car ride, if stamping on the gas in the car but no way, it's time to replace the clutch lining

I have a few tips to make sure the state canvass clutch car, still good or needs to be replaced. Easy wrote anyway, siapin first beam for holding the car.

Put the car in place of a flat, keep the car on hold first. Enter into the tooth-2, lift the clutch slowly. if the clutch is released if car engine was still running, then ask instead:)

After that stop by the nearest garage to replace the clutch: p