Pink Fire Pointer Google Maps, Driving So Fun

Google Maps, Driving So Fun

Road - the road to a new place we visit is fun, but if a stray it will be very boring. This time I, encoba from hp android google maps to find points of interest.

Google maps is a standard application in every hp android. Compared with the blackberry, android google maps can be opened more quickly and easily. To Maximum Traffic google maps, you must first activate his gps facility. If we do not know the position where we are staying pake facilities "My Locations".

Before starting the journey, which is done first is to find the target in place that will be addressed. Targets that can be a street name, building or area name / housing. If you want to accurately use the coordinates of our destination.

With a quick google maps directly show the fastest path to the destination indicated by the blue line on the map. At each intersection point google maps will give clues to which direction to turn. I intentionally focus following the directions on the map regardless of direction/ road signs or ask someone.

The results are remarkable, carrying all the way never stray or until the person should ask. Accuracy is shown goole maps were great. Accuracy can be obtained because of facilities on the hp GPS function properly. Experience using another phone sometimes inaccurate google maps showing our location because the benchmark used is not a satellite telephone bts GPS.

Only one of the weaknesses of this facility, to follow the map we must often manually shift the phone screen, not like real GPS screen is always shifted in the direction we are heading. For the safety of navigation affairs is better left to the co driver / passenger for cars and motorcycles.

Happy adventuring with google maps