Pink Fire Pointer ZMP RoboCar MeV, Cars Can Drive Alone

ZMP RoboCar MeV, Cars Can Drive Alone

At first glance this car is not too promising. The shape is too 'weird' to be called as a means of everyday transportation. In addition, the concept without door diusungnya rider seemed to be making trouble when it rains. But beyond that, the car is called ZMP RoboCar MeV has its own privileges. As stated in its name, this car could run itself, like a robot.

Do not think that artificial MeV RoboCar ZMP is only a concept car only. Robot car is actually sold and the price could make the tongue amazed. If you are interested, the lowest version of this car was launched with a price tag of U.S. $ 35 thousand. As might be expected, not many features of a given version of this standard. You will only get the car robot that uses an automatic speed control.

If you want to get a version that has a wheel, you have to pay about U.S. $ 59 thousand while the version that has a brake pegged at U.S. $ 84 thousand. It is said that Japanese cars are indeed able to walk alone because it has a sensor on the back and front plus a GPS. This car also does not require fuel oil because ZMP RoboCar MeV is an electric car.