Pink Fire Pointer Brief of Car Battery

Brief of Car Battery

Car Battery is very important for the car, without it the car will not be able to start, for that we will discuss details of the origins of Car Battery.

Car Battery was discovered by French physicist named Gaston Plante in 1859. Currently there are 3 types of battery that is wet battery, the hybrid battery & dry battery. Wet batteries are widely used by cars & motorcycles. One characteristic of this type of battery is the battery acid lubang2 depots. The advantages of a wet battery that is affordable. While weakness is a high evaporation rate. Therefore, a vehicle that uses a wet battery types must routinely check the battery water levels. Use distilled water to add fluid to the battery. Condition of surface water below the lower and one poured battery fluid when adding liquids (such as battery zuur, tap water) to make the battery easily damaged.

Then the hybrid battery. Battery type is similar to wet batteries only material sel2nya better than wet batteries because it uses anti-evaporation layer. In a sense the hybrid battery is easier to maintain compared to conventional wet batteries.

And last is the battery dry. The term dry up because of this type does not have a battery charging battery acid holes. Since there are no holes, so many people say this batteries, dry batteries not use water. It is not appropriate because this type of battery is still wet it's just that the media had not used the water again but using gel2 battery in it. Well battery type is more appropriately called battery maintenance free (MF). One of the advantages of the MF battery is very low evaporation rate so that the relative arguably does not require treatment. Besides MF battery can be put to sleep standing ato. With a variety of MF batteries strengths most expensive priced compared to the wet battery & battery hybrid.

MF batteries for motorcycles

MF batteries for car, there's no water filling hole battery, the existing peephole to determine the condition of battery. The blue color battery is still good omen. If the color red means the battery is damaged.

Among the three durable Where? many factors that influence whether or not a durable battery. Start of treatment until the condition of the electrical vehicle itself. Pake expensive battery does not guarantee the battery is definitely more durable than other types if alternatornya damaged / awesome that happened overcharge. Besides the excessive burden the use of electrical accessories also will shorten battery life.