Pink Fire Pointer Ferrari 458 Italia, Environmentally Friendly Sports Car

Ferrari 458 Italia, Environmentally Friendly Sports Car

This time the cars from Italy, Ferrari who was asked to become icons. Ferrari 458 Italy. Highlight aspects of design, aerodynamics, controls & more environmentally friendly engine that makes automotive analysts raised two thumbs. A major achievement that could incorporate Ferrari & performance exhaust emission standards.

Ferrari 458 Italy which is the next generation of the F430 series is equipped with 4499 cc V8 engine.

Energy released reaches 570 RPM & hp@9.000 capable of spewing Nm@6.000 torque of 540 RPM. Through 7 levels of speed F1 gearbox dual clutch from rest to 100 km / h Ferrari 458 Italy only takes less than 3.4 seconds!

While the top speed of more than 325 km / h! It was also obtained thanks to its weight is only 1380 kg due to the use of aluminum chassis.

According to Ferrari, thanks to improvements in the machinery sector to make the horse jump, fuel consumption of 7.2 km / liter. Spelled out very economical for a sports car!